How to Create another user Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019

I. Windows Server 2008

  1. Click on Start then click to the Administrator icon:

    2. Click on Manage Another Account:

    3. Create on Create a new account:


    5. Now click on the new User you have just created:

    6. Then click on Create a password:

    7. Type your password:

    Then you are done!

    To remote to the new user, just enter the VPS's IP & the new username instead of Administrator:

II. Windows Server 2012:

1. From the Server 2012 Start screen, press Windows Key + X. This will open a context menu.
2. Select Computer Management from the context menu. This will open the Computer Management window.
3. Select Local Users and Groups from the navigation tree to the left of the Computer Management window. At this stage you can double click Users in the context window, or click the arrow icon next to Local Users and Groups to reveal the Users and Groups sub categories. 
4. To add additional users, right-click on Users and select "New User...". This option is also available from the "Action" menu at the top of the window. At this stage you can add as many user accounts as your deployment requires, and manage accounts that have already been created.
Be sure to later add these new users to the Remote Desktop Users Group:

III. Windows Server 2016, 2019.

It's the same as Windows Server 2012, to open Computer Management, click on Search then type "Computer Management"

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