Welcome to GreenCloud.


Since the company’s infancy, GreenCloud has always been wholeheartedly committed to deliver first-class virtual machine solutions to clients accompanied by a passionate 24/7 support team. We treat our customers from heart, we do our business with heart and we do mean it.

We treat our customers from heart, we do our business with heart and we do mean it.


Our mission is to continuously broaden our knowledge and bring new updates and improvements to services we offer. Nonetheless, we consistently aim for the balance between operational costs and strong but stable performance delivered which implies our competitive advantage as well as the great long-term value and returns provided to our clients.


Excellent performance provided along with the affordable prices and outstanding support is truly what customers love about GreenCloud.

Our office pictures

Our datacenter and servers' build pictures

Our Journey

GreenCloud history

GreenCloud founded

GreenCloud was established in October 2013 although we have been in business since the earlier time, providing website design and hosting services to local area businesses. Our main goals have not been changed since the day 1: redefining the hosting industry and providing the most affordable and powerful VPS to customers.

Rapidly Growing

More locations

Started with the first location in North Carolina, we expanded our Windows VPS plans rapidly to multiple locations in the US and EU, which included: Canada, France and the Netherlands.

KVM added

New KVM plans

This year GreenCloud still expanded to more locations in the US and announced our new Linux VPS plans based on KVM Virtualization. Our first APAC location was launched in Hanoi, Vietnam.

More and more locations

APAC expansion

During these years, 2 new APAC locations were added: Singapore and Tokyo, JP along with a number of new locations in the US. We are where our customers need us to be.

A big year for big projects

macOS VPS & Forex VPS

We have launched macOS VPS on latest Apple hardware - which you can run any MAC software, develop iOS and xCode apps. Forex VPS was added a few months later, providing best performance Forex VPS ever. We also said "Hi" to Hong Kong, CN - our 4th APAC location.


NVMe plans

While other providers were still struggling with SATA and SSD drives, we introduced Windows NVMe VPS and Linux NVMe VPS. NVMe drives are 25x faster than SATA and 5x faster than normal SSD drives.

Ryzen VPS


You asked, we listened! We were excited to introduce Ryzen KVM VPS, running on NVMe drives with fastest possible single-core performance. We also launched a new site for great offers: GreenKVM

A great year ahead

More to come

By now, GreenCloud has 29 locations around the globe and we are still expanding! More will come this year. Staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic!

More 10Gbps locations!

Standard 10Gbps network

In 2022 we have been upgrading our network to 10Gbps in almost all locations and added new locations like San Jose, CA (USA) with latest hardware (Ryzen 5950x, EPYC Milan, NVMe Gen4, etc).

GreenCloud is operating in 3 Internet Registries