When searching for a new VPS hosting provider, it’s easy to be wooed by free or low-cost systems. This is especially true for anyone who may be new to hosting. However, many find that you truly get what you pay for when choosing so-called “cheap” hosting providers. It can be difficult for a beginner to know what to search for before committing to a service. It can be overwhelming, especially when considering longer contracts of a year or more. Below we cover just exactly what you should be looking for as you choose your next provider, and how to avoid commonly made mistakes.

Incredible Customer Support

Imagine you’ve set up an eCommerce website on a VPS and out of the blue your server goes offline. When you contact customer support to see what’s going on you get no response. Your website is unavailable to your customers for hours and you have no way of fixing it.

Think about all the sales you’ll lose. No matter which type of website you have, it’s extremely important to keep the site running at all times. All VPS hosting providers claim to offer “99% site uptime” but, you might want to put it to the test. Call them or submit a support ticket and see how long it takes them to reply.

A good VPS hosting provider will get back to you within just a couple of hours or even minutes.

VPS hosting providers

Server speed

Speed is the name of the game in the VPS hosting world. When shopping for a new hosting provider, settle on a service with high ratings for web server speed. In other words, you want to make sure your VPS hosting server responds to queries at a lightning-fast speed.

Why? Let’s say you’re gaming, for example. The VPS server you’re using needs enough power to keep track of your actions (as the host) and every other gamer’s action in your game and respond instantaneously. If your server speed moves like a turtle, it results in lags in your game. And everyone knows playing a game with lags is a total snooze fest.

Do yourself a favor and opt for a VPS hosting plan with unmatched server speeds.

VPS hosting providers have the scalability

Your website will continue to grow from this point, which is why it’s important to choose a provider that can handle the scale you’re working with. If at some point you’ll need an upgrade, then make sure your service can scale along with you to accommodate the extra traffic.

Affordable Prices

Cheap isn’t always the best price.

Don’t look for the cheapest VPS hosting provider either because quality products aren’t cheap. So, instead, look for a hosting provider who offers a balanced and affordable price. There’s a reason why most people consider the Apple iPhone to be the best smartphone, even when there are hundreds of other cheap phones out there.

VPS hosting providers take security seriously

One of the main reasons website owners switch from a shared hosting plan to a VPS hosting plan is for enhanced security.

If you’re on a shared hosting plan, you are sharing space on one ginormous server with many other website owners. When you upgrade to a VPS plan, you have a completely private virtual compartment on a server, resulting in better security.

While upgrading to any VPS will boost security, it’s critical to remember that not all hosting providers offer the same security benefits across the board.

Remember, security issues can lead to crashes, financial loss, and even online reputation problems. It’s worth it to make sure your VPS hosting provider takes security seriously.

VPS hosting providers


Your hosting service will be integral to your business, which is why ensuring you get the best one is crucial. Choosing a VPS service is a big choice and knowing a bit about whom you’re buying from can help you make more well-informed decisions.

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