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GreenCloudVPS's Datacenters

GreenCloudVPS owns its own hardware, network equipment, and operated by 24/7 in-house staff. We have a presence at datacenters in Los Angeles, Roseburg, Chicago , Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Lenoir, Charlotte.


Los Angeles Data Center

Our Los Angeles location features over 60,000 square feet of privately-owned and operated datacenter space, all located inside the Telecom Center building. Adjacent to One Wilshire (one of the world's most connected buildings). Datacenter spaces feature Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), CRAC units, and independent distribution routers. Bandwidth capacity exceeds 250 gigabits/second, providing for virtually unlimited scalability.

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Dallas Data Center

Dallas data center environment was built for security, high availability, connectivity, and redundancy. Benefit from an industry-leading power-to-space ratio and technicians who work on-site around the clock safeguarding your IT assets. Being housed in a 68,000 square foot facility gives you the freedom and flexibility to scale seamlessly. Our Dallas data center features 80 gigabits/second of bandwidth capacity.

Our restricted access NOC (Network Operations Center) is staffed 24x7x365 by on-site technicians. In addition to our team of technical experts, the NOC's automated systems constantly monitor network performance, power, cooling, and security.

We offer comprehensive connectivity, security, and availability solutions to ensure your business has the proper tools to succeed. Our highly trained, certified, experienced, team members are committed to providing each client with the solutions that meet their unique needs.


  • 68,000 sq ft facility
  • SSAE I6 audited
  • 30 inch raised floors
  • 300 lbs/sq ft floor load
  • Single-story building
  • Redundant HVAC with Liebert air handlers
  • Each CRAC unit supported by independent roof mounted condenser


  • High performance IP managed premium network and budget-friendly IP Plus network
  • True BGP with intelligent routing
  • Multi-homed, carrier-neutral
  • DWDM connection to the INFOMART
  • 13 on-net providers with dual fiber entrances


  • Fully redundant power designed for high density applications
  • 11.1 MW of utility power
  • Power-to-space ratio of 250 watts/sq ft
  • 2N power through 4 autonomous power plants
  • Six (6) backup diesel generators on standby
  • Onsite fuel capacity of over 50,000 gallons
  • Generators tested bi-weekly & routinely run at full load


  • 24x7x365 onsite personnel
  • Biometric access
  • Physical ID check

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Miami Data Center

GreenCloudVPS's Miami facility is at the center of the leading hub to most Latin American & Caribbean markets. The datacenter is connected to multiple, underground FPL electrical utility grids that benefits from a priority power delivery hierarchy. Two diesel generators with automatic transfer and additional backup from roll up generators deliver emergency power at 2N. In-house electrical engineers and electricians are on staff to deliver circuits overnight as soon as needed. Controlled access and monitoring with 24/7 manned building security keep your servers safe, so that you never have to worry about unauthorized access to your data. The datacenter's building is built to withstand all that Mother Nature can throw at it and is rated to handle a Category 5 hurricane.

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Use the following data center IP addresses to test Ping and Traceroute results to GreenCloudVPS's Miami Data Center.

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Atlanta Data Center

Located In the heart of downtown Atlanta, GreenCloudVPS's Atlanta colocation operations are at the very heart of our nationwide network. Our downtown Atlanta location is ready to serve you. We have our own exclusively operated and staffed datacenter facility, the facility is within walking distance of the downtown Atlanta Telx POP making our data center one of the most bandwidth-rich spots in the entire country. If you need 1U, full cabinet colocation, or much more, GreenCloudVPS can provide a solution to fit your unique needs. As always GreenCloudVPS features fully redundant power feeds, full UPS power backup, and full generator backup as well as diverse and fully redundant bandwidth paths.

  • UPS 620kVA of battery backup capacity
  • 1 MW of generator capacity
  • 234 Tons of AC capacity
  • 2400A 480V diverse power feed
  • Double pre-action-dry-pipe fire suppression system
  • Fully redundant, fault tolerant network gear

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Use the following data center IP addresses to test Ping and Traceroute results to GreenCloudVPS's Atlanta Data Center.

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Charlotte Datacenter

Our Charlotte's datacenter is built upon the foundation of space, power and pipe. Ample space allowing you continuous growth, reliable power with redundancy at every level ensures your services are always available, and multiple fiber networks keep your businesses accessible 24×7.

Facility Overview

  • 42,000 square feet secure data center space
  • Cabinets | Custom cages | Private suites
  • 24x7x365 Customer access
  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Center
  • 2.5 miles from Charlotte Douglas International Airport
  • Generous freight delivery areas | Numerous delivery docks/ramps
  • Secure storage in all facilities
  • Spacious parking for all facilities; convenient to front entrances

Power Design Environmental Controls

  • 4MW total power
  • AC + DC Centralized Power Barclay Systems
  • Onan diesel generators
  • High priority power grid
  • Overhead cable management and power distribution
  • Multiple environmental monitoring systems
  • Controlled temperature and humidity via redundant Liebert HVAC units

Security Element

  • Biometric finger scanners | Badge/PIN access
  • 24x7x365 monitored video surveillance
  • Man traps with motion activated alarm notification
  • Combination lock cabinets

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Use the following data center IP addresses to test Ping and Traceroute results to GreenCloudVPS's Charlotte Data Center.

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Lenoir Datacenter

Our Lernoir datacenter provisions its services from its secure and high efficiency data center located in Lenoir, North Carolina, USA.

We cool our data centers using a combination of Liebert CRAH (Computer Room Air Handler) units using chilled water from a central water plant, as well as a unique air-side economizer that was built and designed by Dacentec. Our air-side economizer allows us to operate at PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) values of less than 1.2 when the conditions outside are appropriate.

Our facility also meets the most stringent industry compliance requirements including HIPAA, SSAE 16, PCI-DSS, and ISO 9001 & 27001, ensuring we provide our customers with trusted, secure, and reliable solutions.

Facility Overview

  • 23,500 square foot hardened purpose-built facility
  • Diverse incoming utility feeds
  • 24 x 7 security & multi-level access control
  • Power Protection by UPS (N+2) and 1MW backup generator
  • Strict climate control with Liebert CRAH units & Chilled Water Cooling
  • Bandwidth provided by major Tier 1 carriers
  • Connectivity provided by 5 diverse fiber operators
  • Fire detection & suppression

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Roseburg Datacenter

Our Roseburg Data Centers operates world-class data, cloud and colocation centers with managed IT services. Our centers provide diverse power, seismic stability and highly efficient cooling environments.

Facility Overview

  • Located in strategic geographic stable areas on both sides of the Oregon Cascades
  • Located along major fiber optic routes
  • Low earthquake and natural disaster risk
  • 40,000 total square feet, built to Tier III standards
  • High capacity, carrier-neutral connectivity
  • Secure areas (no public access) and multi-level security zones
  • Scalable colocation, hosting and cloud services
  • Green building design efficiencies, elements and practices

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Use the following data center IP addresses to test Ping and Traceroute results to GreenCloudVPS's Roseburg Data Center.

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