How to manage your KVM and OpenVZ VPS in SolusVM

GreenCloudVPS is using Solus Virtual Manager (SolusVM) as the VPS management system for OpenVZ and KVM VPS.
You can access SolusVM Control Panel at with the provided Username and Password in the information email. Please note that if you have multiple VPS with us, please use the password provided in the first email.

1. How to change the VPS's status


You can:
  • Reboot - reboots your VPS; may be needed if VPS has stopped responding 
  • Shutdown - turns off your VPS 
  • Boot - turns on your VPS 
  • Reinstall - reinstalls OS on your VPS 

Note: Reinstall will erase/wipe all data on your VPS, so make sure to take backup of your data before doing so.

2. How to change the VPS's password

Select Root/Admin password tab, then click on Change.

3. How to check the VPS usage statistics

Select Statistics tab then select a time span.

4. How to access the VPS via VNC Console

First click on VNC tab then choose HTML5 VNC Client.

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